Jared Francais

Owner, Web Design, Solver of Problems

Write a profile she says…. well, I know better than to argue with the boss 🙂

Let me introduce myself, I’m Jared, husband extraordinaire and fixer of all things computer. I handle the technology aspects of the business, keeping the digital equipment in tip top shape, managing our storage and telephone systems, and administrating our web and email hosting platforms.

Let me back up a bit and cover some history. I’ve been interested in information technology and small business since I was a young lad. I was raised in small town Saskatchewan, the son of an entrepreneur. I was brought up to understand the importance of small business in our communities and the importance of customer service above all things. Upon graduating high school I moved to the big city to start my education in computer systems. I fell in love with Saskatoon and area and never looked back. My first job was working for a web company doing website development for almost a decade. I’ve maintained a love for everything internet and and have continued to build and manage websites since I transitioning out of that roll into my current day job working in client support. I have a passion not only for connecting things and making things work, but also in areas such as branding, online presence and ultimately customer service.  All things integral to small business.

In my spare time I have a couple passions. In the summer, I can often be found at the ball diamonds. I’m not as nimble as I used to be, but I still really enjoy the time with my teams.  My other big passion is traditional wet shaving. It is something I first picked up in an effort to connect to my grandfather, and it’s turned into something I will pass on to my son when the time comes. I am interested in vintage gear as well as some of the new items in the wet shaving world. Together with my passion for the hobby and my love of technology I started a small business and associated website www.thirstybadger.ca.  There I write about the items I love and sell a few shave related products. It has been a great fit as my lovely wife does the pottery for me and I have been able to really hone my skills in photography, writing and online sales.

I can’t take much credit for Finelite, my wife is the talent. I’m here to help with the tools she can focus on what she does best, helping you put your best foot forward.