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What’s your level of understanding when it comes to websites?  Do you like to be hands on with your web design and maintenance or does the thought of that trigger a migrane?  Are you an avid blogger or does the prospect of weekly posting make you sweat?  Do you know what hosting means, and what’s more, do you care?  Who really looks after your emails “out there?” Are you completely overwhelmed by the prospect of building a website or even worse – trusting someone ELSE to build your website??  There’s no need to stress over it, because I’m happy to report that Finelite now offers web hosting, email hosting, and website design services for our business photography clients.


It was an unexpected journey getting here.  Jared has been building websites, both professionally and for his own interests, for years, but I never anticipated adding web design to the services at Finelite.  After all, photography and graphic design were my strengths.   What did I even know about building websites or email hosting??  But, when clients started asking for our help with hosting and with web design, I wanted to check that box for them.  We decided it was worth testing, and after some great successes and positive feedback, Finelite’s Web Services were born.  And it turns out I love building websites!  


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Web Design


Building websites is one of the most rewarding services we offer our clients.  We isolate the most important aspects of their business, and we help them share them with the world.  

When it comes to taking on a new client for a website build, we’ve got a few parameters we stick to.

Small Business

The businesses we work with are small businesses with average projected traffic.  We don’t have a full time devoted staff member managing the sites, so maintenance is done after hours and in between other jobs.  For most businesses, this is more than enough.

Professional Photography

As much as we’d like to build a website for everyone who comes through the door, we’ve decided to limit our builds to clients that I’m doing the photography for.  This aligns with our “full service” approach to our clients, and also assures us that we’ll have the necessary photos to make a professional looking website for your business.


We won’t currently host any sites that are doing e-commerce.  This circles back to the time we can devote to our website clients.  E-commerce comes with it’s own requirements and we just don’t have the manpower at present to properly support e-commerce clients.

Still reading?  Think we might be a good fit?  Good!  Let’s discuss your goals and come up with a plan.  

Email Hosting


Anyone who knows Jared has heard him complain about businesses that use an @sasktel.net or an @gmail.com email address.  Seriously, it makes him twitch, and he’s not wrong.  Every time you send an email or hand out a business card, you’re advertising for Sasktel or Gmail or, heaven forbid, Hotmail.  You should be promoting your own business, driving traffic back to your own website!  Email hosting is how we fix this problem.  For as little as $250 per year, we can set you up with a .com or a .ca that reflects your business and website.