Welcome, friends!  Here at Finelite we don’t subscribe to a “less is more” way of life.  Why on Earth would anyone ever want less of a good thing??  Less is not more; more is more.  Coffee should be strong and it needs lots of cream and sugar. Sparkles are necessary in the way that flat beige paint is so very UNnecessary. Photos of your family should flood your life! They should make you proud and excited, and you should enjoy our time creating them.

Whether you love having your photo taken or you dread it, whether it’s a special occasion or just another Wednesday… why don’t you let us run this for a while.  Take a peek through the galleries below and we’ll talk.  

None of those your jam?  Maybe some high volume group photos are what you’re looking for.  Finelite offers a full range of team photos, from individual sports teams to gymnastics clubs and dance studios, and we’ve been doing them FOREVER!  Well, maybe not forever, but it’s been like 15 years, so we’ve definitely worked out the kinks.   Have a gander at these galleries and let’s come up with a plan for your group.