Dance Photography


Here’s what you need to know about Finelite’s dance photography:



  • I don’t charge your studio anything to come out and do the photos.  There’s also no obligation to order anything.


  • We pick a day that will work for everyone and schedule 10-15 min blocks of time for each group.  Every dancer does an individual pose and then a group pose.  We work with the instructors to make sure costumes are in order and the pose your dancer chooses photographs well.


  • Dance photos are done on my high gloss white floor with a bright white backdrop. It offers us loads of options when it comes to designed products, and your kids will feel like superstars!


  • I collect orders and payments from parents/dancers on photo day.  I don’t offer preview galleries to my dance studios.  Trust me, I’ve got this.  Your kid will look good.


  • Finished orders are emailed/mailed out and/or delivered back to the studio roughly 2 months after our shoot date.  Holidays and the volume of coinciding bookings will always make this timeline fluctuate, but I’ll let you know if this applies to your group’s orders.




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