Erin Francais

Owner, Photographer, Bringer of the fun


Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a photographer and artist with a love for directing people, a penchant for oversharing, a pretty weak language filter and loads of goofy faces and noises. Basically, I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do.

My personal style is… tricky to pin down.  I’m definitely not into less is more.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the aesthetic and I’m envious of those show home style kitchens with bare counters, but in my home and my life, I need a little more chaos.  I like mismatched furniture, handmade bowls and cups that never really stack properly, and 10 different photo frames all hanging together because at the end of the day, having everything the same is just less interesting to me.  That being said, I’m a stickler for proper margins, alignment, and balance when it comes to design.  1 centimetre out might as well be 1 metre out.  It’s just as bad.  Talk about right brain meeting left brain!!

My favourite colour is blue, but not a single shade of blue. ALLLLLL of the blues from turquoise to periwinkle to indigo. Same goes with home decor.  As soon as I think “Yes, this thing right here, this is my favourite!” something else comes along that catches my eye.  Don’t even get me started on gorgeous paper journals… I’m aware I have a problem there.  The word minimalist is NOT one that fits my persona. Eclectic. Artistic. Comfortable. These are my words.



Photography is basically a combination of three things.  Skill, technique, and light.  Sounds simple, right? Here’s the thing though: If you’re missing one ingredient, you’ll miss the photo.  If you don’t have the right technique to direct and frame your subject, or if you can’t make them laugh when it counts, no photo.  If you don’t understand how light works or if you sort of get it but you don’t have enough experience to use it to your advantage, no photo.  If you don’t know enough about your equipment to be able to make it work for you, no photo.  You need to master all three elements so you can consistently deliver.  Loads of people can luck into beautiful photos, but how many of them know exactly how they did it?  How to recreate it?

I’m not here to “capture your memories.” Capturing is an accident. It’s driven by luck. I’m here to craft what’s in front of me to create a beautiful and memorable photograph of you. Every. Single. Time.  And I can get the job done because I’ve been doing it for 20 years now.  I am a professional.  Yes I bring an inherent “knack for photography” to the table, but I also bring training and responsibility and SO much experience.

And a potty mouth.  Because sometimes all you need is a well placed expletive to put everyone at ease.



photo credit Wollf Prints Photography