As a new business, Postpartum Darla needed all of the things.  Working closely with Darla, I created a logo, price guides, posters, business cards, ads, promotional postcards, and Jared and I built her a beautiful website.  I took loads of photos for Darla - product shots, digital marketing sessions, and family photos.  We used them to populate her website and she continues to use them in her branding and advertising.  It's been a busy year and through it all Darla has come off looking professional and basically, kicking ass like the boss she is.


Outside of myself, I'd say Erin has been the biggest influencer in the success of my business. With kindness but also brutal honesty, she guided me from taking something that was like a hobby to a full-time professional passion. She designed a logo that represents my business and me perfectly, she always takes stunning photos of my work and my family -- photos that I consistently use in marketing materials and ALWAYS get compliments on -- and she is my go-to designer for any promotional materials and my website. I reached a new level of professionalism thanks to working with Erin, and when you look professional, you're emboldened and act even more like one, which attracts the exact clients you're looking for. And that's exactly what has happened: my business has grown leaps and bounds since our first lunch date at the Wagon Wheel where she told me my prices were bullshit and imagine how amazing things could be if I had a beautiful logo and design that spoke to me and my right-fit clients?! She was right. Working with her is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I'll continue to work with her because it's one of the best investments I can make in myself and my business.


Owner, Postpartum Darla